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My name is Marie and I am excited to present you with luxurious creations that are made, cut, and poured by hand. I like to believe that my products can turn your personal time into an uplifting experience.

Our product line will be expanding, so make sure to come back to see our new and updated products as they become available.

After years of a fast-paced career in corporate finance, I retired early and found my joy again. I come from an innovative and artistic family. My mom, in particular, was a woman of many talents who inspired me to explore my creativity. As the demands of my career took me further and further away from my creative side I yearned for the simple satisfaction of designing and making things myself. 

With more time on my hands, my journey into handcrafted products began. I learnt from other crafters who so generously shared their knowledge. Making handmade items was quickly becoming my new passion and restoring my wellbeing. Positive feedback from friends and family fueled my desire to increase my knowledge and improve my process. This was when the idea of Marie’s Essentials was born.

I chose that name because I loved the ME in Marie’s Essentials and the yourMEtime concept. I define yourMEtime as the time that you set aside to care for yourself so you can be your best self. How you celebrate your 'me time' is unique to you, but the need for 'me time' is universal. I experienced first hand the toll life takes and the restorative nature of self care.

By creating these products, I hope you are encouraged to make time for your ME time.



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