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My name is Marie, and these hand-crafted products are my very own creations. What started out as an after-retirement hobby has quickly grown into a bustling small business thanks to the interest of customers like you! I like to think of my products as tools to enhance "your me time” in a way that creates an uplifting and luxurious experience. Each product is a sensory journey into a unique and exciting escape.

Our product line will be expanding shortly, so make sure to keep checking back for new creations as they become available. Thank you for taking an interest in my products. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support.

After years of a fast-paced career in corporate finance, I retired early and began my search for a new passion. Coming from an innovative and artistic family where my mom, in particular, was a woman of many talents who inspired me to explore my creativity, I turned to handcrafts. I found that as the demands of my career took me further and further away from my creative side I yearned for the simple satisfaction of designing and making things with my own hands. 

With all my newfound free time, I started picking up tips and tricks from other crafters and began my journey into handmade soaps. Crafting these quickly became my new passion and provided an inner-peace and purpose. When positive feedback from my friends and family came pouring in – I knew it was time to improve my knowledge and process. This is how Marie’s Essentials was born.

The phrase “Your ME Time” is one that you will encounter across my brand. It is more than just a play on the first letters of “Marie’s Essentials”. Your ME Time is the time that you can set aside for your own self-care. I learned first-hand the toll that life can take and how a little time with the right stimulation can rejuvenate the soul.

My hope is that these products encourage you to make some time for  “Your ME Time”.